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HLSC welcomes complete beginners to experienced sailors. Dinghy sailing takes place on a 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines in Littleborough near Rochdale and is easily accessible; just 10 minutes from the M62, junction 21.

HLSC is run by its members for its members with a great family atmosphere, has good fleet racing, is committed to training & developing sailing skills and is an accredited RYA Training Centre.

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Having recently completed a major clubhouse upgrade, HLSC now has modern and smart facilities thanks to generous support from the Sport England Inspired Facilities fund and a number of our own club members.SE_Lottery_Inspired-by-2012





Solo Northern Championship – Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July 

Solo Open 2014 #2  banner

The event is planned to be a six race series, with the first race not before 14.00 hrs on Saturday 4th July.

A barbecue will be held immediately after racing on Saturday.

For those requiring overnight accommodation / camping facilities, please click here to go to the Visit Rochdale website.

For all the details about this event please click here for the Solo 2015 Northern Championship – Notice Of Race


Laser Open Meeting – Sunday 14th June 2015

It was girl power that won the Laser Open at Hollingworth Lake on Sunday, 14th June. Charlotte Greenhalgh from Leigh & Lowton won the first two races and finished 2nd in the third.

As the 29 boat entry turned up the wind filled in with an easterly that gave good and challenging racing all day. From the first race, it was clear where the battle would lie with Ian Jones of Dovestones, the previous winner, out to retain his title. Gradually the leaders got away from the pack for a clear result with Greenhalgh taking the win, Jones runner-up followed by Graham MacWhirter and Wendy Jones.

After lunch, races were held back-to-back. A black-flag caught out one of the enthustiastic starters. This time Ian Jones led the fleet for most of the race. As the wind strengthened Greenhalgh found a port lift to catch up on Jones and, take the lead which she held to the finish with Wendy Jones in third place and MacWhirter in 4th.

The fleet were too keen to start the third race and got away at the second start. This time Mark Lunn took the win, ahead of Greenhalgh while Jones retired and the consistent Macwhirter came in third. Several others decided that it had been a hard days sailing and retired.

A number of the Club’s younger sailors in 4.7 rigs completed the races showing determination. Another sailor to watch was Haydn Griffiths of Leigh & Lowton who, in a Radial rig finished 4th in the third race and, on a handicap basis would have finished 3rd overall, but did receive a prize for the leading Radial sailor. William Rowland, in a 4.7 was the leader of that division and would have finished 19th on a handicap basis.

Overall results: 

Pos Sail No Club Helm R1 R2 R3 Pts
1 201941 LLSC Charlotte Greenhalgh 1 1 ‑2 2
2 207787 Dovestones Ian Jones 2 2 (DNF) 4
3 196166 UKLA Graham Macwhirter 3 ‑4 3 6
4 208470 LLSC Mark Lunn ‑6 6 1 7
5 180031 Dovestones Wendy Jones 4 3 ‑14 7
6 185302 LLSC K Tickle 7 ‑10 5 12
7 163518 Scammoden Water Sailing Club Ian Lees ‑8 5 7 12
8 207087 Leigh and Lowton Gareth Staples‑Jones 5 8 (DNS) 13
9 204975 LLSC Haydn Griffiths 12 ‑16 4 16
10 140942 Scammoden Water Sailing Club Paul Cornish 10 ‑13 6 16
11 67 Dovestones John Hesten ‑15 9 9 18
12 206876 LLSC Oliver Blackburn ‑16 7 12 19
13 125615 Burwain Trevor Ormshod 9 12 (DNF) 21
14 196383 HLSC Julian Parry 11 ‑14 10 21
15 177816 Scammoden Water Sailing Club Mike Goodwin 13 ‑18 11 24
16 201073 LLSC Glyn Purwell ‑18 11 13 24
17 208666 Rossendale Valley SC Andy Ratcliffe ‑17 17 8 25
18 194782 Dovestones Howard Wolstencroft 14 ‑19 15 29
19 201853 Dovestones Andy Hurley 19 (OCS) 17 36
20 163467 HLSC Craig Broadbent 22 15 (DNF) 37
21 200999 Dovestones George Pulman ‑24 22 16 38
22 207009 HLSC Richard Whitehill ‑21 21 18 39
23 167588 Scammoden Water Sailing Club Ian Turrell 20 20 (DNF) 40
24 172810 HLSC William Rowland ‑26 26 19 45
25 191313 HLSC Adam Din ‑28 25 20 45
26 163024 HLSC Craig Bower ‑25 24 21 45
27 178491 HLSC Will Smith 23 23 (DNF) 46
28 163353 HLSC Evan Parry 27 27 (DNF) 54
29 130775 HLSC Hudson Dand (DNS) DNS DNS 60


Sailing News!

27th/28th June 2015
by Graham Knox

Saturday was a long day for some of the Club’s young sailors. 8 of them (all but one under 18 years) competed at Southport on the Marine Lake in the 12 Hour Race. Sailing in relays for an hour or more the team finished 13th out of 24 teams. This included stints at the helm by two 12 year-olds and a girl helm.

They were therefore among the youngest teams sailing in the breezy conditions with hot sunshine. Two more of the Club’s under 14 sailors were racing at Bassenthwaite Lake in the North West Junior Travellers series where William Rowland finished an excellent third place, ahead of Adam Din in fourth place. Both are highly placed in the overall series of 10 events.

It was too windy on Sunday for most sailors, all 4 of the Solos retired from the first race. Three of them managed the third race. Otherwise, it was Steve Crook and Sally Townend in a Merlin Rocket showed how to cope.


Merlin Rocket-
Races 1 & 3: 1.S Crook/S Townend
Race 2: 1.S Crook/S Townend 2. S Bates/A Hilton

Race 2: 1.D Hughes
Race 3: 1.D Hughes 2.G Whitehead 3.K Parry

Here is 5 of the team of 8 which took part in the 24 hour race!

Southport Junior 12 Hour 2015 011


24th June 2015
by Graham Knox

It was a typical calm summer evening to enjoy a race with a patchy wind. Nick Brook quickly established a lead in the Solos and held it to the finish. Andy Wake is showing better form now in the fleet with a 3rd. Martin Brennan and Steve Caladine were not too troubled in the GP14s by Graham Knox and guest crew Andrew Brook. Julian and Zoe Parry took the right tacks to win the Merlins. The Lasers finished in the same sequence as often recently.

Merlin Rocket- 1. J & Z Parry 2.B Mager/R Richards 3.S Crook/S Townend .
GP14- 1. M Brennan/S Caladine 2.G Knox/A Brook
Solo- 1.N Brook 2.D Hughes 3.A Wake
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.R Whitehill 3.C Bower


21st June 2015
by Graham Knox

Sunday’s racing at the Lake was for the Founders Plate. This is a mix of 3 usual Club races followed by a pursuit race for the best racers in each class. The blustery conditions suited the Merlin Rockets, noted for their speed reaching across the Lake. Nick Brook won all 3 races in the Solos, outpacing Oliver Whitehead. Steve Crook and Sally Townend seemed on form in the Merlins, until the third race when David and Oliver Winder looked secure in the lead until the final mark when Julian Parry and Becca Jones took a tactical advantage to win. They then went on to win the special Founders Plate race, ahead of Steve Crook and Sally Townend with Nick and Lucy Heginbotham in third place.


Merlin Rocket-
Races 1 & 2: 1.S Crook/S Townend 2.J Parry/R Jones 3.N & L Heginbotham
Race 3: 1.J Parry/R Jones 2.S Crook/S Townend 3. D & O Winder

Races 1 & 2: 1.M Brennan/S Caladine
Race 3: 1.M Brennan/S Caladine 2.G Knox/H Dand
Race 1: 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.K Parry
Race 2: 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.D Smith
Race 3: 1.N Brook 2.D Smith 3.R Blackburn

Races 1&2: 1.C Bower
Laser 4.7-
Race 1:1.W Smith
Races 2&3: 1.W Smith 2.E Parry


17th June 2015
by Graham Knox

Twenty boats were out this evening for racing, before a Club barbecue (thanks to Pat and Nick Brook). The day’s rain had cleared away but the sky remained overcast with a shifty north-west breeze.

The Solos were away into the usual Oliver Whitehead battle with Nick Brook. Nick had the best from the start but Oliver caught up and passed downwind. Nick needed to get the barbecue going and retired. Andy Wake and Kevin Parry found that taking notice of the GP14s was to their advantage as they got closer on the shifts.
Once again in the GP14s Mike Butler and Steve Caladine got clear ahead at the first mark as Martin Brennan with Sophia Miles kept Graham Knox with Craig Broadbent in third place.

Fresh back from Scotland, Steve Crook with Sally Townend showed the way round in the Merlins untroubled by Dave and Sarah Winder. A reduced fleet of Lasers was won by Gary Butler, while the 4.7 rig of William Rowland gave him third place. There was also the RS200 of the Rowlands and RS400 of Steve Mason with James Wheeldon racing hard.

Merlin Rocket- 1.S Crook/S Townend 2.D & S Winder 3. J & Z Parry
GP14- 1. M Butler/S Caladine 2.M Brennan/S Miles 3.G Knox/C Broadbent
Solo- 1.O Whitehead 2.D Hughes 3.A Wake
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.J Maguire3.W Rowland


13th/14th June 2015
by Graham Knox

The Lake Sailing Club had a busy weekend. On Saturday, 10 teams from local Clubs participating in the RYA OnBoard Scheme raced in relays for 8 hours. The forecast of rain and strong winds fortunately proved wrong and, with some sunshine and light airs, the teams raced on. From an early stage the host Club took the lead and proved to be clear winners.

On Sunday, 29 Lasers raced in an Open event. The quiet of early morning changed to a moderate easterly wind half an hour before racing started, fortunately, and held for the day, occasionally strengthening. Visitors from Leigh & Lowton and Dovestones particularly provided strong competition. Winning the first and second races it was girl power of Charlotte Greenhalgh that gained victory, hard pressed by past winner Ian Jones as runner-up.

6 of the Club’s younger sailors took part, using smaller sails. William Rowland did well to finish 19th on a handicap basis, and Adam Din came in 21st place.

HLSC OnBoard 2015
Photo of the winning team taken by Rana Din


7th June 2015
by Graham Knox

Sunday proved, at last, a good day for sailing at the Lake. The 10 Solos particularly enjoyed racing as the medium strength winds gave good conditions, downwind especially. Nigel Davey took the first race and Nick Brook lent his boat to Julian Parry for the second and third races. With Oliver Whitehead on form for these two races, Julian lost out to Nigel in the second one on the last leg but made amends in the third one when he was often ahead of Oliver but lost out in the later stages of the race. David Winder with son, Oliver, in the Merlin Rockets flew round the course at great speed unchallenged by Gerald Whitehead and crews, though he was up against a visiting Scorpion sailor who was very fast. Martin Brennan and Richard Long ruled the waves in the GP14s.


Merlin Rocket-
Race 1: 1.D & O Winder 2.G Whitehead/A Hilton
Races 2 & 3: 1.D & O Winder 2.G Whitehead/T Murphy

Race 1: 1.M Brennan/R Long 2.J Mellor/K Highton
Race 2: 1.J Mellor/K Highton 2.R Mason/J-A Dobbs
Race 3: 1.M Brennan/R Long 2.R Mason/J-A Dobbs
Race 1: 1.N Davey 2.D Hughes 3.R Blackburn
Race 2: 1.O Whitehead 2.N Davey 3.J Parry
Race 3: 1.O Whitehead 2.J Parry 3.D Smith

Race 1: 1.R Cwik
Race 2: 1.E Parry

Wednesday, 3rd June
by Graham Knox

A glorious sunny evening for sailing with a good breeze that held, though there were some awful shifts particularly approaching G and H marks, as the wind came from the Lake Bank. Best of all, there was strong competition for the leadership in the Solo, GP and Merlin fleets. Indeed there was much place changing throughout the race. Nick Brook battled with Martin Brennan and won. Graham Knox and Craig Broadbent (for the first time out this season) had a great time changing places with Mike Butler and Steve Caladine. David and Sarah Winder were out in his Merlin and lost out to Martin and Rene Watts. The Laser results were the familiar outcome with Gary Butler showing the way.

Merlin Rocket- 1.M & R Watts 2.D & S Winder 3.G Whitehead/D Thompson
GP14- 1.G Knox/C Broadbent 2. M Butler/S Caladine 3.J Mellor/R Hodgson
Solo- 1.N Brook 2.M Brennan 3.C Massey
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.R Whitehill 3.C Bower


Wednesday, 20th May 2015
by Graham Knox

There were close and exciting battles for the lead in the Solos and GP14s this evening. Each fleet had 5 boats out. So there were 19 boats out in total. Nick Brook and Oliver Whitehead both lead the Solos around the course on a sunny evening with a cool breeze off the Lake Bank shore.

On the last lap, Nick Brook passed Oliver to win. Martin Brennan and Sophia Miles had to work hard to keep ahead of Ellie Davies and Adam McGovern in the GPs. Gary Butler has the mastery of the Lasers but then some of them forget the course and wander off!

Merlin Rocket- 1.S Crook/S Townend 2.G Whitehead/D Thompson
GP14- 1.M Brennan/S Miles 2. E Davies/A McGovern 3 M Butler/S Caladine
Solo- 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.D Hughes
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.C Bower 3.W Rowland (4.7)
RS200- 1.A & R Rowland