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HLSC welcomes complete beginners to experienced sailors. Dinghy sailing takes place on a 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines in Littleborough near Rochdale and is easily accessible; just 10 minutes from the M62, junction 21.

HLSC is run by its members for its members with a great family atmosphere, has good fleet racing, is committed to training & developing sailing skills and is an accredited RYA Training Centre.

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Solo Northern Championship РSaturday 4th and Sunday 5th July 

This year Hollingworth Lake hosted the Northern Series Championship, sponsored by Goacher Sails and provided a wide variety of conditions for sailors to enjoy. Sunday’s racing was for the Travellers Series while others had joined to compete on Saturday only. The wide variety of conditions did not stop Innes Armstrong being dominant with 4 race wins out of 6 races.

In a foretaste of later races, the first started with a general recall, and hoisting of the black flag. With a wind strength of Force 3 to 4, with gusts up to 5, it was likely that there would be casualties on the track. Ian Hopwood led the fleet away from the start with a long port tack, closely followed by M Honnor as they rounded the windward mark. Planing conditions prevailed on the reaches and Hopwood held off the challenges. However, on the second lap, Hopwood capsized after the gybe and left Armstrong to take the lead which he held to the finish. Hopwood recovered well to overtake several boats and gain runner-up spot, with J Hopkins in third place. There was then a big gap in finishers behind.

The wind eased notably for the second race and shifted towards the north-west. Unfortunately for the 3 leading boats, including Hopwood, Hopkins and some others, the course was laid through a ‘gate’ after a leeward mark, which they missed, and were subsequently invited to retire. This gave the opportunity for Armstrong to take the lead again and be followed by local sailors, N Brook and C Massey in particular. These three held their places to the finish.

The third race was sailed back-to-back and this time anyone of several boats could be leading on the way to the first mark. Local sailor, M Brennan, sailing closer to the shore, had the starboard advantage into the windward mark and held the lead for much of the first lap until passed by Honnor, Hopkins and Hopwood. Armstrong suffered his worst result in 8th place.

It was a pleasure to sit outside and enjoy a barbecue after racing.

Sunday dawned with a lighter wind from the south-west and, inevitably, some bunching at the windward mark. Oliver Whitehead was able to get away onto the run but his lead was shortlived as Steve Denison (having joined for Sunday’s racing only) gained the lead and sailed away into an unassailable position. The downwind legs depended on suitable ‘streams’ of wind and Brennan, with local awareness, on the final run gained second place on the shortened race. T Wright had his best result with a third place, while Honnor finiished fourth.

After a filling lunch, the final two races were sailed back-to-back under the black flag. Armstrong got away clear again, followed by A Hatley, Oliver Whitehead, Massey and Denison. While Hatley held his second place, Honnor climbed through to third, and Denison improved to fourth.

The wind freshened for the final race and Armstrong was again into the lead early. Massey was well placed but was unable to hold it. In the end, Honnor was through to runner-up ahead of Denison. So there was no doubt about the winner, with Honnor’s relatively consistent results securing him second overall. Local sailors Massey and Oliver Whitehead were tied on points but Massey’s best race result tilted it in his favour. Armstrong had shown ability to lead in both strong and light winds and deservedly won the event.

Overall results:

Rank Sail No Helm Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1st 5518 I Armstrong Burwain SC 1 1 (8) 5 1 1 17 9
2nd 5398 M Honnor Ogston SC (8) 5 1 4 3 2 23 15
3rd 4914 C Massey HLSC 5 3 7 (9) 5 9 38 29
4th 4876 O Whitehead HLSC 6 6 4 6 7 (DNF) 64 29
5th 5529 N Hornsby HLSC 4 4 12 10 (16) 5 51 35
6th 5163 M Brennan HLSC (11) 9 6 2 11 8 47 36
7th 5480 I Hopwood Leigh & Lowton SC 2 (RAF) 3 12 9 12 73 38
8th 5587 T Wright Delph SC (DNF) 10 14 3 10 4 76 41
9th 5449 C Robinson HLSC 10 (RAF) 16 7 6 10 84 49
10th 5595 A Fox Leigh & Lowton SC 7 (RAF) 10 16 17 11 96 61
11th 5174 J Waind Budworth SC 16 (RAF) 17 14 12 6 100 65
12th 4282 D Smith HLSC 9 11 13 18 (19) 14 84 65
13th 5600 N Brook HLSC 12 2 5 13 (DNF) DNS 102 67
14th 4622 M Thomas RYA (DNS) RAF 9 8 8 7 102 67
15th 5473 S Denison HLSC (DNS) DNS DNS 1 4 3 113 78
16th 5203 M Cowan Bassenthwaite 15 7 11 23 22 (BFD) 113 78
17th 5408 K Vials Ripon SC 18 13 (23) 15 18 15 102 79
18th 4884 B Sprague Leigh & Lowton SC 17 (RAF) 18 19 13 13 115 80
19th 4734 P Bramwell HLSC 21 16 (DNS) 17 14 18 121 86
20th 4985 K Cant Leigh & Lowton SC 19 15 (21) 20 21 17 113 92
21st 165 P Beckford Delph SC (DNF) 14 19 DNF 15 16 134 99
22nd 5384 C Mather Ripon SC 22 19 22 (24) 20 20 127 103
23rd 4775 J Hopkins Delph SC 3 (RAF) 2 DNS DNS DNS 145 110
24th 5109 A Catto Leigh & Lowton SC 14 12 15 (BFD) DNS DNS 146 111
25th 4477 M McGarry PDSC 13 8 (DNS) BFD 24 DNF 150 115
26th 3834 K Parry HLSC (DNF) 17 26 25 26 23 152 117
27th 5281 A Hatley Delph SC (DNS) DNS DNS 11 2 BFD 153 118
28th 4833 A Wake HLSC (DNF) RAF 24 22 23 21 160 125
29th 4924 G Whitehead HLSC (DNS) DNS DNS 21 25 19 170 135
30th 5552 N Catto Leigh & Lowton SC (DNF) 18 20 DNS DNS DNS 178 143
31st 3817 M Whitehead HLSC (DNF) DNS DNS 27 28 22 182 147
32nd 4509 R Blackburn HLSC 20 (RAF) 25 DNS DNS DNS 185 150
33rd 4281 J Walker HLSC (DNS) DNS DNS 26 27 DNF 193 158
34th 5003 O Dumbelton Nantwich & Border Counties SC (DNF) DNF DNS DNS DNS DNS 210 175


Sailing News!

15th July 2015
by Graham Knox

A pleasant evening sail where the wind held, although light and shifty. It was dieing fast as I got there! Brian Small has taken to setting out in his Mirror; it is good to see the red sails out. David Hughes ‘snuck’ past Nick Brook in the closing stages for the Solos.
Merlin Rocket- 1.L Bithell/L Webster 2.B Mager/R Richards 3.G Winder/H Daniel
GP14- 1. M Brennan/S Miles
Solo- 1. O Whitehead 2.D Hughes 3.N Brook
Laser- 1.R Whitehill 2.J Maguire
Mirror- 1.B Small


12th July 2015
by Graham Knox

With several of the Club’s Merlin Rocket sailors away over the past week at Salcombe, Martin and Rene Watts were the lone representatives on Sunday. Having sailed one race, Martin tested his skills by crewing for Graham Knox in a GP14 and racing in a Solo for the third race. Mike Butler and Steve Caladine led the way in GP14s for the first 2 races. Martin Brennan and Sophia Miles had to wait for the third race to be sure of winning. Nick Brook had no trouble in leading the Solo fleet. Will Smith and Adam Din vied for success in the Lasers. All agreed that the conditions had given them a hard days racing with the strong gusts and shifting winds.


Merlin Rocket-
Race 1: 1.M & R Watts

Race 1: 1.M Butler/S Caladine 2.M Brennan/S Miles
Race 2: 1.M Butler/S Caladine 2.M Brennan/S Miles 3.G Knox/M Watts
Race 3: 1.M Brennan/S Miles 2.M Butler/S Caladine 3.G Knox/M Whitehead

Races 1 & 3: 1.N Brook 2.D Smith 3.G Whitehead
Race 2: 1.N Brook 2.G Whitehead 3.D Smith

Race 1: 1.W Smith
Race 2: 1.W Smith 2.A Din
Race 3: 1.A Din

Race 1: 1.B Small
Race 2: 1.B Small 2.R Cwik
Race 3: 1.P & J Bramwell


4th/5th July 2015
by Graham Knox

Thirty-four Solo sailors raced around the Lake over the weekend for their Northern Championship. Visitors came from 9 Clubs to enjoy racing here. It was very breezy for the first race on Saturday and there were fast planing reaches and several capsizes! Conditions eased for the Sunday races.

The early leader of the first race came to grief on the second lap but recovered well to finish second. However it was Innes Armstrong from Burwain who took the bullet, and three more, to win the six race series convincingly. Martin Honnor from Ogston was a steady performer in the runner-up spot overall while local sailors filled the next four places. Chris Massey and Oliver Whitehead were closely matched in the results followed by Nick Hornsby and Martin Brennan.


27th/28th June 2015
by Graham Knox

Saturday was a long day for some of the Club’s young sailors. 8 of them (all but one under 18 years) competed at Southport on the Marine Lake in the 12 Hour Race. Sailing in relays for an hour or more the team finished 13th out of 24 teams. This included stints at the helm by two 12 year-olds and a girl helm.

They were therefore among the youngest teams sailing in the breezy conditions with hot sunshine. Two more of the Club’s under 14 sailors were racing at Bassenthwaite Lake in the North West Junior Travellers series where William Rowland finished an excellent third place, ahead of Adam Din in fourth place. Both are highly placed in the overall series of 10 events.

It was too windy on Sunday for most sailors, all 4 of the Solos retired from the first race. Three of them managed the third race. Otherwise, it was Steve Crook and Sally Townend in a Merlin Rocket showed how to cope.


Merlin Rocket-
Races 1 & 3: 1.S Crook/S Townend
Race 2: 1.S Crook/S Townend 2. S Bates/A Hilton

Race 2: 1.D Hughes
Race 3: 1.D Hughes 2.G Whitehead 3.K Parry

Here is 5 of the team of 8 which took part in the 24 hour race!

Southport Junior 12 Hour 2015 011


24th June 2015
by Graham Knox

It was a typical calm summer evening to enjoy a race with a patchy wind. Nick Brook quickly established a lead in the Solos and held it to the finish. Andy Wake is showing better form now in the fleet with a 3rd. Martin Brennan and Steve Caladine were not too troubled in the GP14s by Graham Knox and guest crew Andrew Brook. Julian and Zoe Parry took the right tacks to win the Merlins. The Lasers finished in the same sequence as often recently.

Merlin Rocket- 1. J & Z Parry 2.B Mager/R Richards 3.S Crook/S Townend .
GP14- 1. M Brennan/S Caladine 2.G Knox/A Brook
Solo- 1.N Brook 2.D Hughes 3.A Wake
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.R Whitehill 3.C Bower


21st June 2015
by Graham Knox

Sunday’s racing at the Lake was for the Founders Plate. This is a mix of 3 usual Club races followed by a pursuit race for the best racers in each class. The blustery conditions suited the Merlin Rockets, noted for their speed reaching across the Lake. Nick Brook won all 3 races in the Solos, outpacing Oliver Whitehead. Steve Crook and Sally Townend seemed on form in the Merlins, until the third race when David and Oliver Winder looked secure in the lead until the final mark when Julian Parry and Becca Jones took a tactical advantage to win. They then went on to win the special Founders Plate race, ahead of Steve Crook and Sally Townend with Nick and Lucy Heginbotham in third place.


Merlin Rocket-
Races 1 & 2: 1.S Crook/S Townend 2.J Parry/R Jones 3.N & L Heginbotham
Race 3: 1.J Parry/R Jones 2.S Crook/S Townend 3. D & O Winder

Races 1 & 2: 1.M Brennan/S Caladine
Race 3: 1.M Brennan/S Caladine 2.G Knox/H Dand

Race 1: 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.K Parry
Race 2: 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.D Smith
Race 3: 1.N Brook 2.D Smith 3.R Blackburn

Races 1&2: 1.C Bower
Laser 4.7-
Race 1:1.W Smith
Races 2&3: 1.W Smith 2.E Parry