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HLSC welcomes complete beginners to experienced sailors. Dinghy sailing takes place on a 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines in Littleborough near Rochdale and is easily accessible; just 10 minutes from the M62, junction 21.

HLSC is run by its members for its members with a great family atmosphere, has good fleet racing, is committed to training & developing sailing skills and is an accredited RYA Training Centre.

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Having recently completed a major clubhouse upgrade, HLSC now has modern and smart facilities thanks to generous support from the Sport England Inspired Facilities fund and a number of our own club members.SE_Lottery_Inspired-by-2012




Congratulations to Dave and Pippa on their Salcombe Week hat-trick 

PT & DWThis is the third year in a row that Dave Winder and Pippa Taylor have won the Salcombe Merlin Rocket Week and as Tim Fells report on the Yachts & Yachting website describes it “moving them into Merlin Rocket immortality.

“It is an amazing achievement, given the strength and depth of the talent competing in the class and the complex challenges and unpredictability that Salcombe week presents.  They sailed absolutely superbly, rescuing front end results from difficult starts, maintaining their composure in the face of the worse Salcombe can throw at you and keeping the boat moving close to optimum speed at all times.

“They are masters of Salcombe and it will take a fantastic team to beat them next year.”

Also down at Salcombe were Richard Whitworth who finished 10th, Steve Crook 15th, Nick Heginbotham & Becky Jones 23rd and Ian Laing 114th.  That meant HLSC also won the team prize.


HLSC’s Under 20s performed well at the Southport Junior 12 Hour Race 

12 Hour Race #212 Hour Race #1

On Saturday 28th June our team at the Southport Junior 12 Hour Race this year finished 12th out of 25 entrants.  They started out and climbed steadily during the day.  While the team were at one stage in 8th place, conditions were difficult at times and we ensured that all had some time on the water.

The event is open to teams who must be aged under 20 on the date of the event.  Many of our team will still be young enough to compete next year whilst many of the leading teams were older than ours.

Thanks go to our team (and the many parents present): Tom Daniel, Craig Broadbent, Matthew Rush, Toby White and Tom Murphy who all helmed plus Will Smith and Adam Din for short periods plus Will Rowland, Harry Daniel and Evan Parry who crewed and some of those listed also helmed.

Finally many thanks to Graham Knox for the kind loan of his fine GP14, which we are pleased to say came through unscathed and for the generous support we received from Craftinsure.

To read more about the event from Craftinsure just click here!


Sailing News!

16th July 2014
br Graham Knox

Yet another fine evening for sailing with the wind coming off the Lake Bank in a north westerly direction. Steve Crook and Sally Townend had quite a tussle with Les Bithell and Laura Ashworth in the early stages of a long race. Oliver Whitehead was also threatened by Nick Hornsby who gained on some shifts early in the race. It was good to see 6 Lasers out with Craig Broadbent in the club boat orunding the first mark in second place and, while dropping back for a while, finished in third place.

Merlin Rocket- 1.S Crook/S Townend 2.L Bithell/L Ashworth 3.B Mager/R Richards
GP 14- 1.M Brennan/S Miles 2.M Butler/S Caladine 3. J Mellor/A Hill
Solo- 1.O Whitehead 2. N Hornsby 3.A Wake
Laser- 1.G Butler 2. Ben 3. C Broadbent


13th July 2014
by Graham Knox

Sunday’s racing att he Lake started with the annual single-handed race. Two GP14s were ready, but no other takers. The experienced Martin Brennan was able to keep ahead of young Craig Broadbent as the windshifted. As the day went on, the wind coming off the Lakebank shore became more variable as the gusts passed between the houses and around the trees. Evene Martin Brennan and Alastair Knott were caught out in the second afternoon race when they lost the lead to Andy and Emmerence Carter on an unexpected shift in direction.
Several of the Club’s keen Merlin Rocket sailors had sent the week down in Salcombe on their popular annual visit. For the third time running, David Winder and Pippa Taylor won the week against more than 120 other Merlin sailors.


Merlin Rocket-
Race 1: 1.N Brook/R Bramwell 2.M & R Watts 3.D & W Smith
Race 2: 1.J Parry/S Townend 2.N Brook/R Bramwell 3.D & W Smith
Race 3: 1.J Parry/S Townend 2.G Whitehead/K Parry

Race 1: 1. M Brennan/A Knott
Race 2: 1. A & E Carter 2.M Brennan/A Knott
Race 3: 1. M Brennan/A Knott 2.A & E Carter

Race 1: 1.O Whitehead 2. N Davey 3.G Whitehead
Race 2: 1. O Whitehead 2.N Davey 3.R Blackburn


9th July 2014
by Graham Knox

Another good evening for sailing though the wind coming off the Lake Bank was gusty and shifting. As usual G mark was prone to winds from either port or starboard or not at all and caused a few problems. The 3 GP14s enjoyed some close racing.

Merlin Rocket- 1.B Mager/R Richards 2.T Daniel/T Murphy
GP 14- 1.M Brennan/S Miles 2.M Butler/S Caladine 3. G Knox/C Broadbent
Solo- 1.N Brook 2. N Hornsby 3.K Parry
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.S Mason 3.R Whitehill


6th July 2014
by Graham Knox

With so much activity in Littleborough and the Lake over the weekend, it was impractical to hold the usual sailing club racing.

However, on Tuesday, the Club welcomed 20 boats, with helms aged over 50, to their part of a monthly series held amongst local clubs. Sailors from clubs in Bury, Bolton, Southport, Leigh and Burwain participated in a variety of racing dinghies, many single-handed. Conditions were difficult for all as the weather played tricks with sun, little wind and then rain before settling later in the afternoon. Tony Critchley from Bolton, sailing a Supernova was most consistent and won the event, while local Martin Brennan in a Solo was the first race winner and third overall. Leading the way round, though losing out on the handicap basis, were Martin and Rene Watts in a Merlin Rocket.