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HLSC welcomes complete beginners to experienced sailors. Dinghy sailing takes place on a 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines in Littleborough near Rochdale and is easily accessible; just 10 minutes from the M62, junction 21.

HLSC is run by its members for its members with a great family atmosphere, has good fleet racing, is committed to training & developing sailing skills and is an accredited RYA Training Centre.

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Having recently completed a major clubhouse upgrade, HLSC now has modern and smart facilities thanks to generous support from the Sport England Inspired Facilities fund and a number of our own club members.SE_Lottery_Inspired-by-2012





Laser Open Meeting – Sunday 14th June 2015


Our Laser Open Meeting on Sunday 14th June is planned to be a three race event with the first race not stating before 11am.  Please click here for the Notice Of Race which will provide you with all the relevant details: Laser Open Meeting: Notice Of Race


GP14 Open Meeting – Sunday 17th May 2015


There was some exciting racing to be seen at this Northern Bell event.  With strong and gusty winds from the west there were challenges ahead for those setting out.  Perhaps the scourge of dinghy racing, Internet weather sites, had put entries off at seven boats, but there was close competition still.

Early in the first race, one boat was seen to retire through gear failure.  Steve Crook and Steve Caladine from the host club were the leaders and had taken advantage of the planing conditions on a long reach, until preparing to take the spinnaker down, they suffered a capsize.  This gave the visitors an opportunity to battle for the lead.  Tim Harper and Paula Fisher looked to build up a good lead only to lose out upwind on a shift which let Matt Birks and Alan Jones into the lead.  On the third lap downwind Martin Brennan and Richard Long closed up on the leaders, but were unable to break through.  The final beat was very close as Matt Birks just crossed the line ahead of Tim Harper.

After a good lunch, there was a change of course as the wind had moved to the north west.  Martin Brennan on starboard looked likely to lead at the first mark, but suffered from a late header where Steve Crook coming on port got ahead.  During the second lap, the reverse happened and on the downwind lap Brennan dared to gybe to port and gain from Crook who ran on starboard and found Harper and Birks closing.  Approaching the leeward mark was not a good time to lose the spinnaker pole overboard and Crook circled to recover it.  Harper and Birks now battled for second place while Brennan raced on.  Taking a ‘traditional’ approach upwind as a local, Brennan lost much of his lead and just managed to keep ahead of Harper on the finish line.  So there were three boats on 4 points with the third race to be a decider.

Despite a break of sunshine, 2 boats opted not to sail the third race.  Once again the lead was taken by Steve Crook, with Tim Harper on his tail.  Matt Birks recovered from a poor start to round the first mark in third place.  After a long occasional planing reach, places changed on the following beat.  Matt Birks had tacked early onto starboard and gained the lead.  Steve Crook did not give up the lead easily and it changed hands several times but Matt Birks got going better downwind and eventually escaped to a clear lead and overall victory.

The overall results were:

Pos Sail No Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 Pts
1 13456 Matt Birks Alan Jones RYA 1 ‑3 1 2
2 14063 Martin Brennan Richard Long HLSC 3 1 ‑4 4
3 14150 Tim Harper Paula Fisher West Lancs YC 2 2 ‑3 4
4 13873 Steve Crook Steve Caladine HLSC (DNF) 4 2 6
5 13963 Thomas Daniel Sophia Miles HLSC 4 ‑5 5 9
6 4615 Steve Parry Phil Green York RISC (DNF) 6 DNS 14
7 13978 Martin Stanley Jenny Scott West Kirby SC (DNS) DNF DNS 16


Thanks to HLSC member Martin Watts for taking the photos.


Sailing News!

Wednesday, 20th May 2015
by Graham Knox

There were close and exciting battles for the lead in the Solos and GP14s this evening. Each fleet had 5 boats out. So there were 19 boats out in total. Nick Brook and Oliver Whitehead both lead the Solos around the course on a sunny evening with a cool breeze off the Lake Bank shore.

On the last lap, Nick Brook passed Oliver to win. Martin Brennan and Sophia Miles had to work hard to keep ahead of Ellie Davies and Adam McGovern in the GPs. Gary Butler has the mastery of the Lasers but then some of them forget the course and wander off!

Merlin Rocket- 1.S Crook/S Townend 2.G Whitehead/D Thompson
GP14- 1.M Brennan/S Miles 2. E Davies/A McGovern 3 M Butler/S Caladine
Solo- 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.D Hughes
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.C Bower 3.W Rowland (4.7)
RS200- 1.A & R Rowland


17th May 2015
by Graham Knox

It was the turn of the GP14 fleet at the Lake to host their Open Meeting with visitors from Southport, York and Stoke-on Trent. All experienced the strong and gusty westerly winds which gave exciting racing with fast planing reaches across the Lake with spinnakers set. There was much place changing among the leaders and local sailors Steve Crook and Steve Caladine were ahead at first until they capsized. Matt Birks and Alan Jones from Stoke won the first and third races after battling hard and thus the event, while Martin Brennan and Richard Long took the second race.

Some of the Club’s Solo sailors were away at Carsington in Derbyshire. In a fleet of 44 boats, they also had to contend with the strong winds. Steve Denison was the best of Club sailors with 5th place and Chris Massey finished 16th.


10th May 2015
by Graham Knox

The Lake Sailing Club took part in the nationwide Push the Boat Out Day on Sunday and welcomed many families to come and taste the sport. Although conditions on the water were breezy all enjoyed the opportunity and many have signed up for future training sessions.

Thanks to support from Sport England, the Club will soon take delivery of 2 new GP14 dinghies to help new members into the sport.

In the afternoon, there was some of the usual close racing, particularly in the Solo fleet. Nick Brook looked to have a good lead in the first race, but was pipped to the finish by Oliver Whitehead. Chris Massey was well ahead in the second race but capsized on a gybe, giving the lead to Brook. Massey made no such mistake in the third race, but Brook had the best overall results.


Merlin Rocket-
Races 1 & 2: 1.S Crook/ S Townend 2.L Bithell/L Webster

Race 1: 1.O Whithead 2. N Brook 3.C Massey
Race 2: 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.C Massey
Race 3: 1.C Massey 2.N Brook 3.O Whitehead

Race 1: 1.M Brennan/R Long 2. R Mason/J Dobbs
Race 2: 1.M Brennan/R Long 2.A & E Carter 3.R Mason/J Dobbs
Race 3: 1.M Brennan/R Long

Races 1: 1. W Smith 2.W Rowland


Wednesday, 6th May 2015
by Graham Knox

Another cold overcast evening where the strong and gusty wind off the Lake Bank shore did not put off a good turnout. Many were caught out by the gusts and there were some capsizes, though some managed to hold on dramatically. Steve Crook and Sally Townend were battling hard to pass Matt Mee and Adam McGovern with a carefully timed gybe and took some time to recover from the capsize. David Winder and Matt Calvert enjoyed chasing the fleet at full throttle on the trapeze in the Fireball. Nick Brook kept Oliver and Chris Massey in order in the Solos.

Merlin Rocket- 1.M Mee/A McGovern 2.S Crook/S Townend
GP14- 1.M Brennan/S Miles 2. M Butler/S Caladine
Solo- 1.N Brook 2.O Whitehead 3.C Massey
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.R Whitehill 3.J Maguire

3rd May 2015
by Graham Knox

The Solo fleet were in good form producing very consistent results. As usual, it was Oliver Whitehead who took the bullets with Martin Brennan in the runner-up slot. It was cold with the easterly wind which moderated and swung to the south west with gusts enough to capsize the unwary. Matthew Mee and Emma Norris were visiting and chose to sail a Merlin Rocket. If there had been another to race against, they would have been tough competition for others. Matthew’s father, Roger, took the helm in the third race. Three GP14s battled hard in the second race, won by Andy and Elmarie Carter.
On Sunday, the Club takes part in the nationwide Push the Boat Out project to welcome anyone interested to try the sport form 10am to 4pm.

Merlin Rocket-
Races 1 & 2: 1.M Mee/E Norris
Race 3: 1.R & M Mee

Races 1 & 2: 1.O Whithead 2. M Brennan 3.N Davey
Race 3: 1.O Whitehead 2. M Brennan 3.D Smith

Race 1: 1.C Knott/R Long
Race 2: 1.A & E Carter 2.C Knott/R Long 3.R Mason/R Din

Races 1 & 2: 1. W Smith

Race 2: 1. W Rowland/A Din


Wednesday, 29th April 2015
by Graham Knox

The cold north west wind may have discouraged many from setting out this evening, despite the sunshine. The wind was quite strong and several succumbed to gusts and capsized, particularly in the Lasers. Oliver took the helm of his Dad’s Merlin with Chris Massey crewing.
Merlin Rocket- 1.N Heginbotham/M Calvert 2.O Whitehead/C Massey
GP14- 1.M Brennan/S Miles
Solo- 1.G Whitehead
Laser- 1.G Butler 2.R Whitehill 3.C Bower


26th April 2015
by Graham Knox

Nick Brook was on top form on Sunday in his new ‘Shades of Grey’ Solo taking all 3 races in the shifty north west wind. Places were easily lost and others closed up on the leader but could not overtake. Chris Massey and Oliver Whitehead, usually Solo contenders, had gone to Rudyard Lake where they finished second and third respectively. In the Merlin Rockets, Les Bithell and Laura Webster took 2 races, but Nick Heginbotham and daughter Lucy were consistent runners up.
3 Junior members were present at Leigh & Lowton SC for the RYA NW Junior Travellers Event and, in variable conditions, performed to a good standard. Adam Din finished 8th, Will Rowland was 13th and Hudson Dand in his first such event achieved 20th place.


Merlin Rocket-
Race 1: 1.M & R Watts 2.N & L Heginbotham 3.R & J Mee
Race 2: 1.L Bithell/L Webster 2.N & L Heginbotham 3.M & R Watts
Race 3: 1.L Bithell/L Webster 2.N & L Heginbotham 3.G Whitehead/S Essex

Race 1: 1.N Brook 2.D Hughes 3.N Davey
Race 2: 1.N Brook 2.N Davey 3.D Hughes
Race 3: 1.N Brook 2.D Smith 3.D Hughes

Race 1: 1.C Knott/R Long 2.N & A Hornsby
Race 2: 1.C Knott/R Long 2.M Brennan/C Broadbent

Race1: 1.R Cwik
Races 2 & 3: 1.E Parry