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HLSC welcomes complete beginners to experienced sailors. Dinghy sailing takes place on a 117 acre reservoir set in the foothills of the Pennines in Littleborough near Rochdale and is easily accessible; just 10 minutes from the M62, junction 21.

HLSC is run by its members for its members with a great family atmosphere, has good fleet racing, is committed to training & developing sailing skills and is an accredited RYA Training Centre.

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Having recently completed a major clubhouse upgrade, HLSC now has modern and smart facilities thanks to generous support from the Sport England Inspired Facilities fund and a number of our own club members.SE_Lottery_Inspired-by-2012





Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th October – GP14 End Of Season Championship 

GP14 Youths 2014 banner

Come and celebrate at the End of Season Championship at Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club.  The club welcomes you on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October. Craftinsure have supported our events through the year and particularly this one too.

The event is planned to be a four race series, with the first race not before 13.00 hrs on Saturday 17th October.

The Club has a reputation for excellent race management and a friendly welcome.  The Lake provides great racing and there will be an excellent black tie dinner in the evening.

Our caterers have given us superb food on other occasions and you will be well fed all weekend.

For all the details about this event please click here for the GP14 End Of Season Championship – Notice of Race

Merlin Rocket Open run in light and varied winds

The weekend of 26th / 27th September proved to be a Race Officer’s nightmare as whatever light wind there was varied in direction.  However, 20 Merlin Rockets took the challenge for a weekend at Hollingworth Lake, joined by 3 more on Sunday.

On Saturday, the Race Officer wondered whether there would be any sailing that day but, after a long postponement, a light easterly (normally a good direction at the Lake) set in. Caroline Croft, with Jane Clayton, led from the start and negotiated flat calms without loss.  For two laps there was good racing and then came flat calm and a struggle to complete the race.  Local sailors kept their heads to fill the next four places despite the snakes and ladders racing.  The order would be critical in the final results with David Winder and Pippa Taylor second, followed by Julian Parry with Becca Jones and Steve Crook crewed by Sally Townend.  As usual, there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy the renowned Felucca Supper.

Sunday brought 3 more boats to contest the Silver Tiller element of the event.  This time David Winder took control keeping Caroline Croft in second during 2 laps of pleasant sailing in the light easterly wind, which then faded dramatically and boats taking 40 minutes to complete the third lap.  The lunch break now saw a big change with a breeze coming from the south-west.  So, for Race 3, there was a contrast to the course setting.  A clear start saw the fleet spread out with those holding on starboard, seeming to be favoured but risking a flat spot when they tacked.  Steve Crook held his nerve and kept tacking along the shore to round the mark ahead, but then overtaken by Caroline Croft.  Crook regains the lead and builds a useful lead to the finish as the race is shortened. Croft held second place after taking some risks on the windward leg with a challenge from Andy Smith and Emma Turner, and leading Solo sailor Steve Denison with Ben Rayner.

The pressure of the final race saw a general recall and the black flag.  That ensured a clear start with David Winder taking the lead (which he would need to hold to win the overall event).  This was short-lived as Nick Heginbotham, with daughter Lucy, overtook downwind and kept a stream of air clear. On the upwind legs the wind, occasionally freshening, is more southerly.  Chris Gould and Chris Kilsby take advantage and gain the lead with Steve and Gill Leney in the fray.  Four leading boats got away as the wind dropped behind downwind.  Crook battling with Matt Biggs and John Hackett both suffer as they saw fresh wind and a group of boats running towards them.  In this group, Richard Whitworth and Evan Parry find a better way on the next windward leg to gain a number of places to finish 5th.  Gould held the lead to the finish, with the Leneys second and David Winder in third.

So the overall result of the Felucca Trophy was success for the girl team of Caroline Croft and Jane Clayton, while the Silver Tiller result went to David Winder and Pippa Taylor.

Overall Results:
Rank Boat SailNo Club HelmName CrewName R1 R2 R3 R4 Total Nett
1st Revolution 3657 RYA Caroline Croft Jane Clayton 1 2 2 (17) 22 5
2nd The Clone Wars 3735 HLSC David Winder Pippa Taylor 2 1 (8) 3 14 6
3rd Nora 3678 HLSC Steve Crook Sally Townend 4 4 1 (8) 17 9
4th 3673 Midland Chris Gould Chris Kilsby 6 6 (7) 1 20 13
5th Faithless 3703 HLSC/Parkstone Richard Whitworth Evan Parry 5 3 (6) 5 19 13
6th Carbon Footprint 3716 Blithfield Steve Leney Gill Leney 7 8 (14) 2 31 17
7th 3659 HLSC Julian Parry Bekka Jones 3 12 5 (14) 34 20
8th Daddy’s Boat 3679 HLSC Nick Heginbotham Lucy Heginbotham 11 9 (13) 4 37 24
9th The Phantom Menace 3611 Nottingham Jen Dodds Chris Dodds 10 5 (11) 11 37 26
10th Out of the Blue 2 3557 HLSC Guy Winder Tom Murphy 8 (14) 9 9 40 26
11th Pokin the Turtle 3743 Blithfield Matt Biggs John Hackett (24 DNC) 7 15 6 52 28
12th Beast Quest 3761 HLSC Steve Denison Ben Rayner 14 (16) 4 12 46 30
13th Bronte 3663 Blackpool & Fleetwood Chris Haworth Chris Robinson 9 15 (17) 7 48 31
14th Moist 3643 HLSC Andy Smith Emma Turner 16 (17) 3 13 49 32
15th Edgar 3615 HLSC Stuart Bates Andrew Hilton 13 11 10 (15) 49 34
16th Carpediem 3630 HLSC Bruce Mager Ryan Richards (17) 10 12 16 55 38
17th Laidback 3603 HLSC Les Bithell Rosie Richards 15 13 (18) 10 56 38
18th Ambience 3602 Wembley Anthony Rickaby Mayuri Shah 18 (19) 19 19 75 56
19th Fat Boy Slim 3567 Blithfield Martin Smith Karen Beston 19 18 (20) 20 77 57
20th Dominatrex 3639 Royal Navy\Bolton Alan Roberts Alex Pilkington (24 DNC) 24 DNF 16 18 82 58
21st Robert 3756 Shoreham Wiliam Warren Sophie Mackley 12 (24 DNF) 24 DNF 24 DNS 84 60
22nd Filthy Gorgeous 3670 HLSC Gerald Whitehead Oliver Whitehead 20 21 21 (22) 84 62
23rd Dynamo Humm 3411 NSC Dana Church Jenny Chuen (24 DNC) 20 24 DNF 21 89 65




Sailing News!

20th September 2015
by Graham Knox

The Club held its annual Championship on Sunday, in addition to participating in a worldwide race to remember Andrew (Bart) Simpson who tragically drowned 2 years ago. Keen Olympic medallist sailor, he had encouraged others to “never give up on their goals”. And the GP14 sailors certainly did that on Sunday taking the first two places in the Championship in conditions which suited them. Martin Brennan and Richard Long were clear winners, though pressed hard in the races by Mike Butler and Steve Caladine. Julian Parry, with son Evan, looked far ahead in the Merlin Rocket, but not far enough on the handicap basis. The 3 races also formed part of the Autumn Series.

Autumn Series Results-
Merlin Rocket:
Race 1: 1. J & E Parry 2.N & L Heginbotham 3.L Bithell/R Richards
Race 2: 1. L Bithell/R Richards 2.J & E Parry 3.N & L Heginbotham
Race 3: J & E Parry 2.G Winder/T Murphy 3.L Bithell/R Richards

Race 1: 1.M Brennan/R Long 2.M Butler/S Caladine 3.G Knox/J Dobbs
Race 2: 1.M Butler/S Caladine 2.M Brennan/R Long 3.A & E Carter
Race 3: 1.M Brennan/R Long 2.A & E Carter 3.M Butler/S Caladine

Race 1: 1.M Smith 2.G Booth 3.D Smith
Race 2: 1.D Smith 2.M Smith 3.R Blackburn
Race 3: 1.D Smith 2.G Booth 3.K Parry

All races: 1.W Smith
Races 1 & 2: 1.R Cwik


13th September 2015
by Graham Knox

This is a busy time of year for keen sailors with many events away from home. Over the weekend club members were active at Southport for the annual 24 Hour Race, others were at the Solo Class Inland Championship, a Merlin Rocket Open and Junior events.

The Juniors had been at Redesmere a week before where Will Smith finished second and Adam Din 7th. On Saturday, the young sailors tried sea sailing at West Kirby with Will Rowland coming in 9th and Adam Din following in 11th place. These young sailors are making their mark in the North West Junior Travellers series, as overall in the Handicap division Adam Din is in second place with Will Rowland fourth.

After a promising start in the 24 Hour Race, the Club’s GP14 proved to have a weakness and despite brave efforts the team were unable to maintain their position.

At home on Sunday, the Merlin Rockets welcomed Roger Mee back to sailing and showing his competitive instincts were still sound. He was joined by Matt who took the helm in the second race.

Autumn Series Results-

Merlin Rocket:
Race 1: 1. S Bates/A Hilton 2.R & M Mee 3.M & R Watts
Race 2: 1. M Mee/E Norris 2.S Bates/A Hilton 3.M & R Watts
Race 3: 1. M & R Watts 2.S Bates/A Hilton 3.G Whitehead/T Laing

All races: 1.M Butler/S Caladine

Race 1: 1.G Whitehead 2.K Parry 3.J Walker
Race 2: 1.J Walker
Race 3: 1.K Parry 2. J Walker


6th September 2015
by Graham Knox

What a difference a week can make for sailors at the Lake! Sunday brought sunshine and a north-westerly breeze that filled in to give some great racing conditions, though there were strong gusts which were difficult to ‘read’ and resulted in shifts to catch the unwary.

There were 3 different winners in the 8 boat Solo fleet. Nick Brook took the first race easily but had to work his way through to finish second in the other 2 races. Gerald Whitehead benefitted from having his son, Oliver, crewing for him winning the first race in the Merlin Rockets.

After the day’s racing, prizes were awarded for the August Handicap series which was won by Oliver Whitehead in a Solo, followed by Bruce Mager and Craig Jowett in a Merlin Rocket with Kevin Parry third overall, having sailed more regularly than many others.

Autumn Series Results-
Merlin Rocket:
Race 1: 1.G & O Whitehead 2.B Mager/C Jowett 3.T Murphy/G Winder
Race 2: 1.B Mager/C Jowett 2.G & O Whitehead 3.T Murphy/G Winder
Race 3: 1.B Mager/C Jowett 2.I Laing/S McCann 3.G Winder/T Murphy

All races: 1.M Brennan/R Long 2.G Knox/M Whitehead

Race 1: 1.N Brook 2.D Hughes 3.N Davey
Race 2: 1.N Davey 2.N Brook 3. D Hughes
Race 3: 1.R Blackburn 2.N Brook 3.D Hughes

Race 1:1.B Small
Race 2: 1.P & J Bramwell 2.B Small

Race 1: 1.E Parry


Wednesday 2nd September 2015
by Graham Knox

The final Wednesday evening found 19 boats out to enjoy a good evening’s race. The Merlins sprinted away from the mass start and there was a closely contested race between them. Oliver Whitehead had a good lead in the Solos but, on the second lap, others caught up getting the better of the shifts and once Nick Brook gained the lead, he held onto it. Martin Brennan and Sophia Miles led comfortably in the GP14s and beat all the Solos to boot. Evan Parry showed the older Laser sailors how it is done.

Merlin Rocket- 1. B Mager/R Richards 2.G Winder/T Murphy 3.M & R Watts
GP14- 1. M Brennan/S Miles 2. G Knox/J Higgins 3. J Mellor/N Thomason
Solo- 1. N Brook 2.D Hughes 3.N Hornsby
Laser- 1. E Parry 2. R Whitehill 3. J Maguire

30th August 2015
by Graham Knox

One week sailors find it too windy to set out on the Lake and another Hollingworth Lake is like a mill-pond. So it was on Sunday when a Merlin, 2 Solos and a Mirror set out to race. Martin and Rene Watts in the Merlin Rocket found enough light air to get round a single lap course. Gerald Whitehead in a Solo and Peter and Jasper Bramwell in the Mirror found very still conditions behind.

A second race was attempted but abandoned when the light air ceased altogether.

Wednesday 26th August 2015
by Graham Knox

The penultimate Wednesday race series began with a mass start for a good turnout of the fleets. There was a stiff westerly blowing that offered good tactical racing and possible downwind planing. The leaders were the usual suspects in each class, though Martin Brennan decided that he would be better crewing for Nick Hornsby in the GP than the other way round! With 5 GP14s out that is half the Club fleet. It was also good to have Andrew Hilton out crewing for Steve Crook.

Merlin Rocket- 1. S Crook/A Hilton 2. B Mager/R Richards 3.G Whitehead/D Thompson
GP14- 1. N Hornsby/M Brennan 2. M Butler/S Caladine 3. J Mellor/R Hodgson
Solo- 1. N Brook 2.D Hughes 3.R Simpson
Laser- 1. G Butler 2. S Mason 3.R Whitehill

23rd August 2015
by Graham Knox

When the wind blows from the east at the Lake, it will be strong. So it was on Sunday at times blowing Force 5 or 6 (a strong breeze). In that direction, it is not easy to sail out of the harbour and it was the Solos who succeeded. Nick Hornsby and Gerald Whitehead coped, while Kevin Parry capsized and retired. Fast planing downwind with lots of spray won the racing for Nick Hornsby.

Last week at Abersoch, 13 years old Adam Din, with 8 years old brother Jacob sailed in the Mirror Week to13th place out of 46 boats.

19th August 2015
by Graham Knox

Eleven boats took to the water on a miserable wet evening but, at least, there was a southerly wind blowing to give decent racing. While Oliver Whitehead soon took command of the Solos, ahead of our Scorpion Championship crew Chris Massey, there was a close battle between the two Merlins. Gerald Whitehead, with David Thompson, tried to cover Tom Murphy, with Guy Winder crewing, but Tom got through downwind on the penultimate leg to claim first. The Laser results were unusual as Gary Butler failed to pass through the line on the second lap and returned to correct it leaving Richard Whitehill to victory!

Merlin Rocket- 1.T Murphy/G Winder 2.G Whitehead/D Thompson
GP14- 1. M Brennan/S Miles 2. R Mason/J-A Dobbs
Solo- 1. O Whitehead 2. C Massey 3.D Hughes
Laser- 1. R Whitehill 2. G Butler